Formal heritage planning submissions

Local planning authorities have ‘statutory duties’ to preserve or enhance listed buildings and conservation areas and must apply the relevant legislation to ensure that sustainable decisions are made. In an international context the UK has a responsibility to protect, conserve, present and transmit the Outstanding Universal Value of our World Heritage Sites. Planning applicants have an important role to play and are required, by national policy, to describe the significance of any heritage asset that may be affected by their proposals.

Relevant planning applications should be supported by:

  • Formal Heritage Statements (NPPF compliant), proportionate to the impact of the proposals and the importance of the relevant heritage assets.
  • ICOMOS Heritage Impact Assessments for World Heritage Site developments.
  • Built Heritage ES Chapters.
  • Presentations to heritage and design review panels.
A formal Heritage Statement and ICOMOS Heritage Impact Assessment supported a successul application for a prominent site in a World Heritage Site.
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