Initial advice, strategy and consultation

Gaining an early understanding of whether, how and to what extent proposals may affect heritage assets is often a vital ingredient in managing risk and maximising the chances of success.

Underpinning the Graeme Ives Heritage Planning philosophy is the belief that our heritage is constantly changing. Managing change intelligently is about working with the best of the past while creating the heritage of the future.

Initial advice and support can involve:

  • Site Briefings – identifying potential heritage constraints and opportunities.
  • Initial Heritage Appraisals – understanding the significance of heritage assets and their setting.
  • Scheme Appraisals – assessing potential heritage considerations and providing strategy advice, including urban design and view analysis advice.
  • Pre-application Consultations – with local planning authorities and statutory consultees.
  • On-going heritage advice to client design teams.
Initial appraisal and advice regarding the significance, conversion and restoration of a grade II listed building.
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